94 High School “Dimitar Strashimirov”, Sofia, Bulgaria – Project coordinator

94 SU “D. Strashimirov ” is a secondary school located in the city of Sofia, Slatina district, Hristo Botev district. In addition to the general education classes in the school, there is also admission in three specialties. The specialty for high school is “Manufacture of textile clothing”, “Logistics of goods and services” and „Entrepreneurship profile“. The team consists of 90 teachers, teaching general education and vocational training, a principal and 4 deputy principals. The main activities of the school derive from legislative framework of ZPUO – training of students 1-12 grade according to the state educational standards for acquiring general and vocational education The school has experience in the management of projects financed under OP “NOIR”, mainly aimed at literacy and digital skills of youth with fewer opportunities. We are organising additional non-formal training courses as part of the “classroom’ teacher hour” (час на класа). The topic of financial literacy is not included in the school curricula, therefore we would like to organise additional digital non-formal training, where our youth with fewer opportunities will be able to enlarge their knowledge, but also to practice their skills and competences to manage own finances and to be able to work with simple financial literacy like documents for credits, loans, tax declarations as well as documents related to the social services applications.

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AMPAT, Madrid Association of Inclusive Education Professionals, was born in 2004 due to the need to create an association of qualified and specialized people in inclusive education and production of supportive training materials to ensure their proper educational and societal inclusion. AMPAT has the official qualification of “social interest”, granted by the Community of Madrid. AMPAT is currently made up of more than 50 associates from the most important specialties involved in an Childhood Intervention process, such as health, pediatrics, education, psychology, pedagogy and technology. The professionals who participate in our association have extensive experience of many years of practice, most of them having obtained the academic degree of doctor in their respective specialties. Many of them are also university professors who teach at the Complutense University of Madrid and other universities or teaching centers, with which AMPAT maintains close ties in the field of research, as well as regular collaborations in projects of all kinds. AMPAT maintains relations with institutions and organizations such as EURLYAID, GAT, SIPOSIO, POLIBEA, Secretary of State for Social Services and Secretary General of the Royal Board of Trustees on Disability, national and international foundations, and universities. Its members form part of scientific and professional committees such as the Commission for Children and Adolescents with Disabilities of the Community of Madrid, or the Educational Inclusion Network, and participate in specialized university master’s degrees, conferences, seminars, and continuing education courses, as well as in conferences on current affairs and social interest. AMPAT organizes sessions for the exchange of experiences and interdisciplinary sessions, as well as congresses. It also publishes reports and technical documents in its field of action with the results of the research it carries out.

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Regional directorate of national education – HAVZA İLÇE MİLLİ EĞİTİM MÜDÜRLÜĞÜ, Samsun, Turkiye

District National Education Directorate in Samsun, Turkey is responsible for managing, directing, supervising and coordinating the education policies and strategic plans of the Ministry of National Education in line with legislation and programs in an effective and efficient manner.
An Research and development project office operates within the district directorate of national education. The project office has a staff structure that has fulfilled the tasks of preparing, implementing and executing many EU projects. As the District Directorate of National Education, it serves as the highest authorized institution of the both formal, but also non-formal (according to the legislation in Turkey non-formal education is also regulated by the district directorates of national education) education units of the district. It has powers such as supervising, guiding and directing its subordinate institutions. Institutionally, it provides services with a manager, 2 branch managers, project office, supervisors and officers in support units, and assistant servants within the body of the district national education directorate. As directorate, we have the power to influence 2100 youth trainers and more than 1000 youth with fewer opportunities – Roma, Syrians or low-skilled including disadvantaged woman. The directorate will be the manager of the pilot implementation of the project activities in Turkiye as well as a manager of the exploitation, sustainability and mainstreaming of project results during and beyond project lifetime

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Bulgarian Inclusion Support Team, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Association organizes activities related to the implementation of inclusive practices and further educational (formal and non-formal) support towards education, social inclusion and labour market support for young people with disabilities and Roma/immigrant background. They are organising formal and non-formal courses as well as supported employment, inclusion and sustainability in the labor market and implementation of social inclusion in culture, sports and society as a whole. The team of the organisation consists of leading experts in the field of inclusive education, youth work, supported employment, recognition of prior learning, recognition and validation of learning outcomes from non-formal courses, as well as producers of contemporary ICT-based solutions form youth with fewer opportunities. Their team consists of experts, academicians, psychologists, disability experts and social workers, who are frequently invited as guest speakers at major national and EU conferences in the field of inclusive education, career guidance and counselling, validation of learning outcomes as well as their staff is included in the Committees to the Ministry of Education & Science and National Agency for Vocational Education & Training.

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AtlasCo Academy, Istanbul, Turkiye

AtlasCo Educational and Consultancy body is located in Istanbul Turkey. The organisation is working as youth training and counselling centre in the financial sector. Their staff has extensive experience as human resource management, apprenticeship and mentoring provider between youth training institutions, research centers and employers. The organization uses its surplus revenues to further achieve its purpose or mission. AtlasCo ‘s mission is to provide certified youth education & training opportunities, counseling & personal development in order to contribute in their improvement on personal and professional levels. It organizes its activities operating as international training provider, offering counseling services and providing solutions through National Education Directorate and Municipality of Istanbul. AtlasCo’s staff has certified as an International trainers on financial literacy by the European Commission.

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