Youth workers have a lack of knowledge about how to organise and deliver training on teaching youth with fewer opportunities on financial literacy in understandable way. It is also evidenced from the lack of research or studies on the long‐term effectiveness of existing programs for these youth. Therefore, we aimed to produce dedicated illustrative guidance toolkit, which will offer to them plethora of training activities, where they can encourage the acquisition of financial and functional competences.

There are funding shortages and inadequacy of efforts to provide information in ways accessible for these youth Therefore, we concluded that these people need an alternative form of non-formal education – via educative videos and via dedicated practical oriented worksheets. It is important, that we need to keep the training material fresh, fun, and interesting, but also digital and accessible. We have designed a handbook and the topics there that these youth can easy understand and replicate. It is culturally sensitive including proper etiquette related to the youth with fewer opportunities. Several youth may be sensitive to issues related to finances and other money matters and even vulnerable. We try to make connections with them at an emotional level in order to teach them life related inclusive skills.

During the project realisation, the following training materials (project deliverables) have been produced, tested and approbated in Bulgaria, Spain and Turkiye. You may access them for free of charge by the following links:

Result 1: Handbook and educative videos for youth with fewer opportunities and youth with fewer opportunities youth in terms of financial literacy

Result 2: Guidance toolkit for youth workers on financial literacy

Result 3: E-learning platform for distance financial literacy training

Result 4: Validation worksheets on proper own financial management:

All project results are prepared for proper and accessible e-learning via project online platform.

You may also access the Bulgarian, Spanish and Turkish versions of the training materials.