Considerable project progress reached during the international partners meeting in Samsun, Turkiye

The team of HAVZA İLÇE MİLLİ EĞİTİM MÜDÜRLÜĞÜ together with the other Turkish partners ATLAS Academy welcomed the partnership during the 2nd international partners meeting held in the lovely Samsun, Turkiye. The meeting was opened by the Sayit Ahmet Dikmen – as coordinator of EU projects on behalf of the regional educational directorate.

Then the project coordinator Mrs. Latinka Kovacheva from 94 SU Dimitar Strashimirov Sofia and the President of AMPAT Prof. PhD Pilar Gutiez Cuevas presented the status of the project activities.

Intensive discussion was held in terms of the finalisation of the content of the modular content for delivery of financial literacy training for youth with fewer opportunities aged 16-29.

The project coordinator gave an appreciation plaquette to the partners for their successful work so far and encouraged them to keep the same power in the future.

Special session during the meeting was dedicated to the financial clinics with regards to the first progress report.