Considerable progress evidenced during the Third transnational partners’ meeting held in Madrid, Spain

On 22nd and 23rd of April 2024, the partners met physically for the third time during the third transnational partners meeting in Madrid, Spain. The meeting was hosted by AMPAT, the Madrid Association of Inclusive Education Professionals.

The meeting was chaired by the project coordinator – the Principal of the 94 SU “Dimitar Strashimirov” Sofia – Mrs. Latinka Kovacheva. She made an overview of the project progress as well discussed the outcomes from the interim report.

The partners discussed the final versions of the project deliverables as well as the ongoing realisation of the piloting phase in Bulgaria, Spain and Turkiye.

The partners discussed all aspects of the project including overview of the status of each work package and activities.

The meeting end up with the action plan for the finalisation of the project as well as with the distribution of declaration for attendance by Prof. PhD Pilar Gutiez Cuevas from AMPAT.